Hacked, update, and Charlie funnies

My yahoo email was hacked (not gmail, which is assosciated with this blog), but I just wanted to let you know because so many people have been worried about me as a result of this.  It seems far fetched that someone would think this was real, but I am learned a great number of folks don't realize that hackers get into your email account and send spam from it hoping nto get you to wire money to them.  My dad actually fell prey to this scam because the hacker just happened to hit on some very real circumstances.  My niece was actually out of the country, closer to my dad than she is to her parents, and he communicated with "her" via email rather than picking up the phone (understandable; I think "she" said her cell phone had been stolen).  He sent a large sum of money, which he never got back, not to mention felt like an idiot.  We all sympathized.  These things just happen.  But as a result, I am trying to cover my bases and let everyone know it is SPAM in every way that I can.  In the case with my dad, we all received the same email, but no one bothered to tell my dad it was spam because we assumed he knew.  No I don't assume.  Awful situation.

I haven't been posting much because there isn't anything to post.  I am post peak this cycle.  My cycles have been super long-both pre and post peak (post peak just since hcg), so I am just hanging out.  Next cycle will be our first ttc cycle.  The hcg I am on has had some effects-I still think it melts away the last bit of tummy fat that I can't get rid of otherways.  It also makes my gums swell.  Its called pregnancy gingivitis and they are very sensitive.  A few cycles ago I had to get prescription mouthwash for it.  Mostly I feel great.  I am totally healed from the lap.  I made the mistake of skipping my fiber pills a few days in a row and had a bad attack of IBS last night (of course the night both of my children slept all night-Charlie has been scared lately and coming in our room and Anthony is getting all 4 of his canines!)  so I sit with an expensive coffee, trying to jumpstart my day.  Fiber makes all the difference and I will not forget those pills again!

Dh and I continue to talk about adoption.  I try to mention it only here and there, but there are so many cute loves on Reece's Rainbow.  Yesterday I showed him four sibling boys-2 of the four matched our two's ages and then one in between and one older.  Can you imagine?!  I got giddy just thinking about two sets of bunkbeds in the same room!  He is more open to looking and listening before.  Since I love them all, I see me just continuing to show him kiddos until he sees one he can't live without.  Anthony's godparents, who have very little means, have decided to adopt because they are so blessed and want to share what they do have.  They have five children already, including twins, but three of five are in high school.  They are such an inspiration and I think it will be great for dh and I to watch them go through the process.  I think it will take some of the unknown out of it for him.  And I see the wheels turning, with how they are wanting it when they have less than we do.  I think this is going to be a really good thing for us to be a part of! 

I am starting to feel like this next baby, if we are able to get pregnant at all of course, will be our last biological child.  I feel God preparing my heart to savor the pregnancy and birth and newborn phase even more than before.  I want to grow our family through adoption so much.  So many children needing homes, it seems crazy to do all we do (even though I know it isn't as much as so many, and def not as invasive as the folks that do ART) for a biological child.  I have mentioned this before.  It is just what I feel is right for us, and I don't judge anyone who doesn't feel the same way.  I just need dh to get there, because I really want a large family.  Time will tell.  We will see what God wants.  I need to do so much better at slowing down and listening to Him!

On that note, I will leave you with some Charlie funnies.  He really is starting to have his own fan club.
1. Mom, if I throw up will I still have Jesus in my heart?
2. Mom, I'll be Jesus, you be Mary, Dad can be Joseph and AJ can be...Gabrielle!  Love it!
3. Mom, can this key unlock my cheek?
4. I overheard him pretending to be crabby. He says to the other character, you know I didn't have a morning nap.
5. Telling the dog, wow, Max, you took a better nap then I did! (Um, our dog sleeps all day and night)
6. he is playing on dh's calculator so dh and I start talking math. Charlie, if you have 2 apples and someone else gives you 2 more apples what do you have? A tummy ache. Classic Charlie.


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Haha oh Charlie!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Oh my goodness I love Charlie!!!! His personality is the cutest!

I also love your desire to welcome more children to your family. You have such a special heart:)

Brenda said...

I am going to pray for you and the hubs as you discern adoption, particularly an adoption with RR. I know a sweet little 3 year old that would fit in nicely:) Miles 15 on RR. I'm his Guardian Angel and this GA would throw some money at you:)