Update on Baby and Sister

Prayers are definitely working as there is no other explanation for the peace I have right now.  The Saturday hcg was 2209, up from 1300 something, less than 48 hrs later.  The IV was placed Friday, it was a regular IV this time because there was no one to do a midline yet.  It is working fine, and I wouldn't have even wanted a midline except it is up out of the way from the kids.  The kids are doing fine with it though (def less discrete than a midline!) and I will stick with this b/c the only time they could put a midline in was Wednesday morning (day of the funeral).  So I am told this IV will likely last the entire ten days, but they can always put in a new one if needed.  That is good-doing it this way is new to me.  I have blood work from the ob/gyn tomorrow.  Nothing more until my ultrasound next Monday.

What a week.  It just keeps getting worse, all the things I am juggling and my little sister getting hit with more and more.  Sunday at a candlelight vigil the sister came up and told her she was responsible for his death and more.  She can't take much more of this. Today she was told she wouldn't be able to view the body with his family (they don't like her) or at all privately.  Not only that, but she would need to keep it together or leave because the mom couldn't handle this and the grandmother's health is frail.  How does someone do this?  They have said so many unkind things.  I know they are grieving, but I don't want to lose my sister over their comments and that is a distinct possiblity.  Please continue to surround her in prayers.


Hebrews 11:1 said...

That is terrible. I'll keep your sister in my prayers!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Oh how horrible! I am praying for your sister.

Simone said...

glad to hear that the baby's numbers are strong.
Shame of his family. That is so mean. I pray your sister has the strength to deal with them.


You've got it, my friend... Praying for peace in the heart of your sister AND in the hearts of his very troubled family.

SO glad the little one is doing well! :)

prayerfuljourney said...

Gosh...that sounds horrible and they sound heartless...grieving or not. THey are not considering what Tom's wishes would have been...he wouldn't shun her like that. Your sister needs to find some inner strength and realize...his family is wrong and not take it personally. They just want to pass the blame. Wow. Praying for your sister.