Busy Busy Busy

Thank you for caring and checking in on how I am doing. I am a bit overwhelmed at the amount of things on my plate. I don't mind the extra work and I am learning and growing, but it requires a lot of coordination and it is hard on dh and I am probably a bit crabby from it all, causing dh to disline the busyness even more.

Add to all this sick kiddos (they got the stomach bug) and the resulting effects of that including being all dressed up for a church halloween party, only to have charlie say he was going to throw up and have to take them home before it begin. And add, just for fun, my calendar on my phone somehow getting swapped to another time zone. So my times were completely off and when I figured it out and switched it back everything I entered during that time was jacked up=making me nuts. Add a work situation where I was misunderstood as being too busy for a project when I clearly said I would swap the timeline with another committment if necessary and wanted to be involved-only to have the project given away to someone else. That someone was my mentor, who was my mentor and the nicest person on the planet until I turned down her "offer" to work ten hours a week for free and then a few years at $7 less an hr than my current underpaid salary. And then she turned mean, things got awkward, and she started pulling other opportunities out from under me. Who needs enemies when you have a mentor like this. Ugh.

I am seriously thinking I will stop the certification program next semester, but still deciding if I should teach a class or not. I am thinking about it and praying about it.

In cycle life, the progesterone finally kicked in and I started my period. The first one since June! Thank goodness. So that made life interesting to. That is all for now. Dh has come upstairs and we need some quality time, so goodnight! More soon!

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St. Rita's Roses said...

Glad you are back- sorry about the sick kiddos....glad your cycle returned!!