Update and Happy Birthday, AJ!

Does this give you any idea what a weird place i am in? We are supposed to ttc next month (or I should say, we were given the green light to try and we are likely taking it). This month I was supposed to get a blood draw on p+7 and do hcg shots as I do when medicated (3,5,7,9). This cycle is my first since the miscarriage. And I forgot. The shots, the blood draw, all of it. Because I suck. And because I am out of practice. And because life is busier than I am used to. So I am not stressing over it, letting it go, but I do wonder if now there is more risk in ttc next month? Do we have to wait a month? There is no reason to do a cycle review now. I have just never been in this weird of a place before. I am excited to ttc. Yet, life is distracting me. I am happy I did not sign up for a class next semester. It was a much harder class and this one was time consuming as heck. I will not be working one night a week either (the last one is the end of the month-yay!) I may teach a university class, which would be about as time consuming as taking one, but I am okay with that. If life in other places slows down. I don't know how y'all do it running here to there every weeknight, but it is not my style.

I am doing thirty days of thanks on fb. Saw now people are doing it on blogs. I should have used the excuse to get on more regularly...! AJ turns two on Sunday and I simply can not believe it. He is full of wonderful sentences like "mommy, I poop. tootsie roll?" No, he isn't potty trained, but he sure wants to be. One day he used the potty four times! Aah-the motivation of candy! I must say his "trick or treat" was the cutest thing ever! I can't get over how many four word sentences he is using (I see dada? I want my toothbrush! I go poo poo-toostie roll?  and how many words he knows (like telling me to stop today when I wiped his nose-never heard that before or saying "i blow bubbles"-wow, so many verbs!). I am excited to go to the doc and check out his 2 year stats next week.  Here are a few of my favorite relatively recent pictures of my funny man, so full of life!
AJ hugged the pumpkin he wanted and planted a kiss on it. Sweet boy!

 Family pictures are rare!
AJ loves sports just like his brother and watched every second of the game in September. He had the "first down" move going and was just glued to the action. Cute to watch!

AJ is as opinionated as his brother, especially when it comes to shoes. He saw the football helmet on his shirt and immediately wanted to wear his football slippers. Recently I honored Charlie's request for AJ to have lightening mcqueen light up shoes like his. I was thrilled they came in his size and AJ is thrilled when he stomps and looks, they actually light up (as opposed to all the tries after brother got his that were unsuccessful since he wasn't actually wearing light up shoes).

AJ loves to do whatever his brother is doing. In this case, it involves dressing up like a super hero. other times it involves jumping off steps. They regularly have contests and I have to supervise ever since AJ thought he could jump off five stairs since brother did four. He landed on stair two, and then his face, and popped back up to do it again. However, he listens now when we say, no because ouchie. He is the one that is going to give me a slight heart attack with his dare devil antics, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. He is so full of life and super sweet. He still carries around baby everywhere he goes and sleeps with it, always being so very gentle-unlike in every other area. :)
Happy birthday, sweet Anthony. You are truly "flourishing" as your name means, and nothing makes this mama happier!


Tridentine Wife said...

It was great to read an update about you and your little ones. Glad to hear all is well!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Happy Birthday, Anthony! You are so adorable!!!
Love the K-State attire & game photos!! Your kiddos are so cute!