Parvo-no it's not just for dogs

Well, today my mom had her surgery. It went fairly well. She was not nauseated from the anesthesia and they were able to take care of most of her pain. Unfortunately not all, and that awful pain where the gas settles in was really painful for her. It still is. However her stomach was not sore at all and she is in good spirits. She did have some strange reaction where the carbon dioxide was absorbed into her tissue making her really swollen and literally crackly. But that was a short term thing. So crazy, I didn't know that could even happen.

I was late getting to my mom's surgery because I had my blood draw this morning. I am trying to keep them at the same time, so about 11 am. I figure any less than forty eight hrs and I would wonder if that is why it didn't double, etc. Well, I am happy to report it did double!  So far the trail is 47 to 100 to 215. Each forty eight hrs apart so I can't complain.  I was feeling pretty good. That is, until I opened this email from the hospital.

Your child has been exposed to Fifth's Disease in the past 2 weeks. Incubation is 4 - 12 days and once the rash comes out, they are no longer contagious. The risk is to pregnant women so if your child contracts it, keep them away from anyone you know who might be pregnant.  

Okay, well that is pretty much impossible. Especially because my husband is a CPA.

Upon further communication I learned this didn't just mean his school was exposed and this was a precaution email. It was Charlie's class that was exposed. The class I volunteer with every Tuesday (though not today). And another child showed symptoms today. So I did a little research and from this site I found out Fifth disease is actually just a viral illness that most kids recover from quickly and without complications. Fifth disease (also called erythema infectiosum) is caused by parvovirus B19. A human virus, parvovirus B19 is not the same parvovirus that veterinarians may be concerned about in pets, especially dogs, and it cannot be passed from humans to animals or vice versa....Parvovirus B19 infection during pregnancy may cause problems for the fetus. Some fetuses may develop severe anemia if the mother is infected while pregnant — especially if the infection occurs during the first half of the pregnancy. In some cases, this anemia is so severe that the fetus doesn't survive. Fortunately, about half of all pregnant women are immune due to a previous infection with parvovirus. Serious problems occur in less than 5% of women who become infected during pregnancy.

Okay, so odds are the baby will be okay. But I don't like the sounds of this. I am not overly worried because of the 50% chance I was exposed previously in my life and therefore immune. I am also not as worried because what good will it do? I can't do anything about this. I won't even know if Charlie has it until he is no longer contagious. So, we stayed home from the pizza party tonight, I am rethinking childcare for Thursday, and the birthday party on Saturday. I am getting a blood draw tomorrow to see if I had previous exposure, not that we can do anything either way, but maybe it will show I already had it. That would be nice. And I said a prayer and offered the worry over to God. What else can I do? I am going back to my happy place over my 215 beta :)

p.s. Dr. Hilgers put me on Zithromax. I thought this was for every eight weeks (eight on eight off) throughout pregnancy, but it looks like it's actually for now, during my IV. This a first. The change in protocol is interesting. Btw, I haven't told Dr. Toth about this pregnancy. I am still a little hurt over his reaction last time so I guess, for once in my life, I am holding a little grudge. I value this life.  I value his expertise and I will contact him if I feel it's warranted to get his opinion on something, but I don't feel the need to share this pregnancy announcement with him.

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