Forgetful-updated with hcg result

So even though my blood was drawn two days ago, the results aren't back yet for whether or not I am immune to Parvo. Since my doctor's office closes as noon on Fridays, and the doc does surgery Monday mornings, I won't know my status until Monday afternoon. At least no one appears to be showing symptoms so far.

I did not do an hcg draw yesterday even though it had been 48 hrs. It wasn't really necessary or convenient, so I figured I would go in another couple days on Saturday and hope it is about 800. Spreading them out now is good for me. It's time :)

On another note, I did something really dumb. When I disconnected the IV to shower yesterday, I hooked it all back up right and then forgot to restart it. For 19 long hrs. Since it wasn't on, it didn't beep to alarm me it was paused. So not only did it get backed up with blood and I have an extra 19 hrs to tack onto my 10 days, but they think my midline might be blown. Right after I called the nurse due to need the dressing changed now, it was feeling cold at the site. I think she was right and it is leaking. Medicine not going in, being wasted...augh! I just hope they can put another one in easily if it did blow. I have too many days left to deal with a regular IV. Another midline, if they can do it, doesn't seem too big of a deal from my end. I hope that is the actual case. The nurse is on her way now, so I will update when I know. I can't believe I did that!

*Update-the number Saturday was 652. Not what I wanted to see, but not enough to throw me into a panic. I chose to look on the bright side and be optimistic.

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St. Rita's Roses said...

Praying for good numbers for you!!!