Quick Holy Week Update

I am okay. I really am. Even after writing my last post and then seeing the baby pass. Even after five weeks of bleeding. I survived and lived to tell about it :) Ha, through no strength of my own, clearly! Fr. Clayton, at our parish, did a beautiful prayer service last Sunday for all four babies. It was wonderfully healing, and I am so glad a blogger mentioned it to me. I had forgotten it could even be done, despite attending my own siblings' prayer service (my mom lost a child at 20 weeks when I was eight).

I am finding a lot of comfort in the sacraments and, especially, attending mass during this holy week. I have been able to attend the stations twice so far, and I am going to Mary's Way (a version from a mother's perspective). It is the most incredibly moving version of the stations I have ever attended, so mother or not, bring your box of Kleenexes!

I have been "enjoying" seeing Lent through Charlie's perspective. He was glued to the living stations and also the washing of the feet last night. He has finally really taken to the apostle figurines I bought him for Christmas and has been acting out the Holy Week readings. He is precious.

I wish you all a "good" rest of your Lent, a beautiful Holy week, and a blessed Easter!


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Been thinking of you a lot! Glad you are finding comfort.

Hafsa said...

I'm happy to read a post from you and finding yourself at peace is great. Hugs!

Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

We also did Mary's Way stations, and wow, very powerful indeed.

I am glad to hear an update from you and especially happy to hear about your memorial service. How healing that must have been for you and DH.

Happy Easter!