Happy Easter! Photo of the kids

I know I have not really been posting a lot regarding my beautiful children. I do not ever intend for this blog to be a mother's blog, however a recent email reminded me pictures of my beautiful babes bring hope. I appreciate that comment and reminder..

So on that note, Happy Easter, blog family! And a little about my children below, if you are interested in knowing more about their unique personalities.

Charlie is my four year old. My beautiful, sensitive animal lover. He often plays dogs at preschool with the girls (who are the princess dog owners, lol). He is also a lover of sports, though I think in the end he will do more watching than playing. We shall see. He is signed up to start his first sport, t-ball, this May. Charlie has a sweet tooth like his mother. He has a love for Christ that is something I could learn from. He is mesmerized by anything faith related and his memory and imagination just make it that much more real for him. Charlie loves attention and is the poster child for it not mattering if that attention is positive or negative. He is a clear student of how his behavior affects others and loves to see the results. Lately we have had to label and explain about bragging and jealousy as he loves to boast a new treat to anyone from his brother to a random stranger and it is clear if they want it than it is of that much more value. He also wants anything others see value in, like when little brother wants to push the garage button than that is something to fight over :) Charlie loves to entertain others and we spend time teaching exactly what is an appropriate funny remark to a passerby and what is rude. Life is always an adventure over here! He is way too smart for his own good, he is gifted at vocabulary, letters, imagination, and math. He loves being an older brother. He shines in the role is mostly a very kind, sharing, teaching sort of brother that is happy to involve Anthony in everything. Charlie also is very rule driven, meaning he knows all the rules, doesn't always choose to follow them, but is the first to notice if others don't. :) He is very indignant. He knows he has inherent rights and he will be darned if anyone, even adults and parents, infringes on those. Needless to say, he holds his own at preschool. He is a definite first child. He is a leader. He is my affectionate snuggler. It is so fun that he looks like me and my dad. I am so glad he has a little brother!

Anthony James is our tornado! Though he has calmed down quite a bit from his pre two year old days, he still gives us a run for our money teaching us Charlie being so easy was more about his personality than about how great his parents were :). AJ is a doer, very physical and very gifted athletically. He has always been in the 90% in height and could do everything early between his height and his older brother's example. He is sweet as punch, even at 2 as he is becoming his own person and wanting to make his own choices. He is still easily managed and redirected. He is the spitting image of his daddy (and actually his father too, which is a gift since he has been gone for over 20 yrs) and loves sports just like his daddy. He is doing a ton of pretend play right now (putting a blanket on him, saying its his coat, asking me to zip it-love!) and he imitates his brother on everything. Mostly that makes them best friends, as Charlie has a shadow, but sometimes it doesn't (basically when Charlie gets into an argument with himself). AJ loves sports. He is usually too busy to be a cuddler, but we have our moments (reading books, etc). I find him asking to be held only for a lift to the food cabinet to scope out a snack and the like. I wouldn't say AJ is cautious by nature, but definitely at this age I don't see him dive into new things like he used to. Mostly he is leary of anything new tactically, if that makes sense (shaving cream art, bunnies at the photo shoot etc). But he warms up with time. This picture is the closest that AJ got to enjoying the bunnies. My favorite pic of him involves one finger on the bunny, lol! AJ is as easy going as it gets in a lot of ways, you could easily dump a bucket of water on his head and he just laughs and laughs (wait, I actually do this with every bath). AJ has learned to hold his own with the best, so while he does not mind most things, if you are doing something he doesn't like, don't expect this one to bop you like other kids. No, he knows how to bring you to your knees in a matter of minutes, usually involving finger nails. I am a little worried about preschool in the fall :) Maybe that is a second child thing-survival skill?

I hope your family is enjoying the Easter season and the promise that spring is slowly but surely becoming a reality in this KS suburb!


sayin' i love you said...

What a beautiful picture of your sweet boys!! Happy Easter to you too :)

All in His Perfect Timing said...

ADORABLE photo! I think your kids are the cutest & have such fun personalities! Well ... except for the fingernail part. :-) LOVE the update and HAPPY EASTER!