Not Much To Tell Yet

Wow, am I a loser or what? Sorry its been so long. I don't have a whole lot to share, but wanted to document a few things. First of all AF came on 4/13/13. This was my first period since my loss in February. I didn't take any meds, not even my usual ones except thyroid, and so I likely had a short luteal phase. I say likely because I didn't chart. I do know I didn't have any TEBB. Today is CD1 again. I have a phone consult scheduled for May 16th, so next Thursday, to talk to Dr. Hilgers about what went wrong and what he things about the future. We are reserving making any decisions until we have all the facts. I have been very at peace with not doing anything for now, and even at peace to not pursue biological children if that is the direction we feel called. We are just waiting for now and focusing on other things. Like our master bathroom remodel, which is taking so much longer than we intended. And our sweet children, who keep us plenty busy. And my job, which is filling up my time more and is more rewarding. So life is good. And I will post again after the phone consult.

I've seen a lot of good comments and thoughts out there regarding Mother's Day from blogs and facebook, etc. I want you all to know I continue to pray for everyone still waiting. This is something I came across through one of my listserves. It is about all forms of loss and grieving related to motherhood and it looks good. I hope it is helpful to others.

I would also like to ask for prayers for my friend KB. She is pregnant again after two losses and her dh being diagnosed with a host of male issues. They seem to have been situational and have turned around, thankfully. She is 10 1/2 weeks along and not a Napro patient. Her doctor has taken her off all forms of progesterone because her body should be naturally producing it by now. She and I talked and she will be approaching him about at least monitoring her levels.

Another friend has severe pain with periods. I sent her to the doctor, my Napro primary care, where she was told to take Aleve. Sigh. WTH?!

My dad is doing well (back surgery), my little sister is doing better (lost her fiancee), but I have another sister doing poorly (related to drugs, adultery, and her children being caught in the middle). I would also like to ask prayers for my mother. Her heart condition has been diagnosed and treated, but the GI symptoms remain. They are testing her for a ton of things, mostly tumors in the colon/adrenals, etc so please pray they find answers and it is treatable.

Lots of thoughts in my brain right now about ttc when there are so many children waiting for homes that are already here, two of which could be my 10 yr old niece and 12 yr old nephew if things don't turn around fast.  For now, I keep all of them in mind, but I don't dwell on them. No decisions are being made at this point, just possibilities being explored.


Hafsa said...

Wow you have a lot going on these days. Hope it all gets sorted out with your family. And please post pictures of your bathroom remodel, I hate my bathroom and cannot wait for the money to remodel ours.

Melissa Miles McCarter said...

Thank you for the shout out for the book! I hope it is a comfort to many women. Best, Melissa

Melissa Miles McCarter said...

P.S. I think in an earlier post you said you live in Kansas? I am going to be in Lawrence, KS doing a reading for Joy, Interrupted on June 7.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I'm so glad for an update on you and your family and friends. Many prayers heading your way!
Thank you for sharing that link! It is great!
Pictures of the Master Bath (even progress pics) are so fun to look at. Plus, a great reminisce when you look back & "just can't believe it was that way ... how did we live like that for so long?" :)

Alive in HOPE! said...

Prayers without ceasing, my friend! HUGE hugs... from Omaha, NE!!