Afflictions Produce Endurance

Thank you for the sympathy and the prayers. My sister is doing okay, if leaving her kids with others the first 10 days was okay. She has them now because social services insisted she change hotels to one the kids would join her at. They no longer wanted to be where they used to be with their dad, but she insisted so she stayed alone and everyone else took care of her kids day and night. But there is hope.

Social services' involvement is a blessing. An absolute blessing. They had her change hotels. Paid the new bill, but insisted she apply for social security that day and that she begin taking over things for the kids. My mom and sister got her new glasses, an appt to hopefully get her back on antidepressants. I did her laundry, she is going to apply for jobs. She can get a place when social security starts coming. Social services will cab the kids to their own schools. The school provided school supplies, hair cuts...School starting will provide a routine for the kids, distractions and friends will be good. Social services is insisting on counseling. I think my sister has chosen for the local priest to do it. He is a amazing. If he can't do it, he will send them to someone who can.

I see God's hand in all of this. I think if they can get through this, there is potential for a better life for those kids. With her husband out of the picture, family who wasn't willing or able to have stepped in to help. But we aren't doing it for her. She needs to know she can do it herself. That's a big piece of that. But people have donated for a deposit and first/last months rent on a new place. The priest told her to bring her utility bills and he would get them paid so she can have them turned on at a new place.

I had a big scare this week that she is doing meth. She has in the past. There were some signs. You hate to accuse unless you know for sure. But you never really know for sure. She does have weight back on, her skin looks better. But her legs are always covered. Maybe from past evidence...I am learning more about things I never wanted to know about...I do worry we will get her back on track, but if there is drugs involved it won't be enough. So there are still hurdles and questions that need to be answered. A landlord who needs $1600. My niece locked the car door she doesn't have a key for. She just got a notice she is without car insurance. Sigh. She is overwhelmed, but we will get her through this.

Another God ism. The house she was staying out the night he died is a friend who lived with his aunt and uncle. I didn't realize who they were by name, but was told they went to my parish. I felt incredibly guilty getting my sister from there when they were out of town. I wondered if they knew what had happened, that they were in their house, etc. They were clearly really faith filled people by the looks of it.

At the funeral, I saw someone that went to my church. He was heavily involved in RCIA, teaching it, when my dh went through. I almost hurdled the pew to catch him before he left. What was he doing there?! I had to know. It was God. He was the uncle. And yet, a friend we knew, I just didn't realize it. He is so faith-filled. He works with Christopher West, for goodness sakes. An amazing person to know. Here we had made the connection! He knew some of the story, thankfully. We exchanged numbers so we could fill him in on what we knew and try to determine if my sister/his nephew were in any more trouble than we already knew. He gave some incredibly wise words to my dh that I think were straight from the Holy Spirit. Then my nephew went by and I introduced them. And he said some incredibly wise and helpful words to my nephew, including that he would pray for him and his dad every day of his life. I just knew that connection was going to be an important one.

I know that my role may not be to take those kids into our home. And I am okay with that. My marriage is under plenty of stress as is. But I know we have a role and a responsibility in those kid's healing. My niece is actually my god daughter as well. And I know that dh is seeing that role himself. He is hearing it through other people, not from me, which is so important. And I am learning slowly but surely, if God wants it done, He will get it done. And it doesn't ever have to be through me nagging. He finds a way to share his message lovingly through others. I told dh the other day that it was going to be mostly his relationship with my nephew that would be the most important. I just knew it in my heart. And then it hit me and I said it as I realized it: my nephew was going to also be instrumental in my husband's own healing from the loss of his dad at 12 as well. God is just so incredible in writing our stories, in making straight with our crooked lines. I am so grateful for him. I continue to lean on the following verse and my devotion to the Holy Spirit.

We boast in hope of the glory of God.

Not only that, but we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance,
and endurance, proven character,
and proven character hope, 
and hope does not disappoint 
because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts 
through the holy spirit that has been given to us. 
Romans 5:1-5

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p.s. Am I the only idiot that had no idea there was no more google reader. I just cursed my phone for no reception and didn't have time to deal with it. Today I had the brilliant idea to delete the ap and redownload. Um, its no longer available? It can't download what I am currently following? I didn't despair too much, thinking I could use something it was directing me too and eventually figure it. But today I go to read my blogs on my computer and it says i am following none. I think I might cry. I will never be able to recreate who all I was following. I am so seriously bummed about this!!! Why didn't a big red box blink on my phone home screen and warn me about this?


Hafsa said...

Wow, amazing community support for your sister and family. God is good!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

So glad for God's hand in all this. Keeping you in prayer.

prayerfuljourney said...

Yeah for social services...sounds like they are really pulling through for your sister and her children! I agree..school means routines and structure for your niece and nephew...what a blessing. I will keep your family in my prayers.

I agree...as I read your post...I could see God working in your family as well.

JellyBelly said...

Praying for all of you!