IV Day 7-9

IV days 7-9-Fri, Saturday, Sunday (I changed the way I numbered things to try and make it less confusing. I also added pics to this and previous posts, so feel free to check them out!)

Things continued to go smoothly. My IV has never really bothered me. The worst is it got mildly sore today. In addition, the clear plastic pulled on my arm hair a bit today (day 9). Other than that, nothing. It is easier than my pump I had with previous IVs because mostly they took care of it (changed bags, batteries), they wrapped it much better so I didn't have to wrap it each day to shower, and the tubing is less likely to kink meaning I haven't once heard the alarm (so dh doesn't feel nervous about going to work with it tomorrow). Other differences are it is a different brand of pump, takes smaller batteries, and the IV bag is more concentrated (i.e. less actual fluid going in). I am perseverating on the small stuff only to give you the full pic and tell you there is nothing to be worried about :).

I never got any more cramps or soreness. I am noticing looser stools, and my guess is I will be a downright mess by 30 days despite probiotics. Such is life. I am much happier home with two ply soft toilet paper than that sandpaper in the apt and the airport. And can I just say I wish I had some moist toilets in my purse? Okay, TMI. I know. But for those following in my footsteps, pack accordingly. :)

Day 7 we continued to have fun, walking half way across the brookly.n bridge (because we were that lame and TIRED-tons of walking all week). Greeting me when I returned was Wafels and Dinges. I was excited to finally be in the same spot at the wafel truck my BFF turned me on to, which was a game I figured I would lose due to technology not cooperating and thus overjoyed that it randomly happened.

Since we flew home on day 8, we each were taught how to change our bag (due to occur on day 9) and batteries (not expected, but just in case). We traveled home with the pumps on and extra IV bags in our checked luggage. Dr. Toth's office provided a 2nd letter, this one more specifically for the airport. This letter included mention of the extra IV bag. We presented the letter with our boarding pass and DL and were given instructions. We simply went around the scanner and got patted down. It was fine and there wasn't much delay.

The trip was fun and helpful, but it is so awesome to be back home with our sweet boys.

I changed both our bags this morning easily and without incident. I had some brighter bleeding this morning, so I wonder if I am actually started. Dr. Toth said it may or may not be delayed. As before, the blood is bright red and healthy, which is always awesome to see. The first time I was on the antibiotics and saw the bright red blood, I was so shocked. I had no idea it was supposed to look like that!

Tuesday morning is day 11, so I will remove the IVs in teh morning. Dr. Toth send home alcohol pads, 2x2 guaze, and bandaids. They don't expect it to bleed much, and it is just like a long piece of spaghetti (no needle or anything). Again, not concerned. We will take Tuesday off and start the orals Wed.


prayerfuljourney said...

Wow....I give you and your dh a lot of credit for going through all of that. I am sure in the end it will all be worth it. It's great that you guys got to enjoy what New York had to offer too.

My dh and I have taken oral antibiotics for my TEBB and both times I had issues...even with probiotics. My stomach is so weak.

I am sure you are enjoying those two little boys.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

What an ordeal! Praying for healing for you. You two have sure been through a lot!