New York Day 2 and 3 with IV

Sunday, Treatment Day 2:
Our third day in town was day 2 on the IV. We were excited to have an unexpected day off from treatment, not to mention one where we were feeling good. We didn't know what the future would bring and wanted to make the most of it. I had just spent some time writing and research some things we wanted to do tentatively and grouped them by location the day prior. Today, after mass at a close Catholic church, our plan was to go to Times Square and walk around. Our only firm objective was to check to out the red ticket booths in the center, as a friend had told us there were discounted shows. I am not a broadway show person, but Lion K.ing had caught my eye and I knew it would be fantastic and something dh and I would both really enjoy. After a great brunch at the diner down the street, we took the subway to Grand Central Station, transferred to the "S" shuttle and were transported to the madness of lights, huge tv screens, so many people that police had to stand with whistles directing traffic, and lots of characters in costumes. We were definitely in New York! We made our way to the ticket booths only to discover Lion K.ing and W.icked didn't participate in the discounted ticket shows. We were bummed since we thought it was a sure deal and we were super flexible on the days, which we thought would allow us to get tickets more cheaply. It also turned out those tickets were only same day tickets (makes sense, they were last minute tickets, hence the discount). We had seen the theatre that performs the Lion K.ing so we popped in there. Honestly, for as much as the show would cost, and as much as the trip was costing, I doubted it was an option. People were lined up for the 3pm matinee that would start in an hour. I tried to not get my hopes up in line. Guess what? They do discount for last minute shows, just not as part of the red ticket booths. We were able to have great seats in the back row center of the bottom floor for the 3pm show. I couldn't believe how it all fell into place, and was very grateful my dh was agreeable. It was a lovely early anniversary present and I can't say enough good things about the show. It was unbelievably good and the translation to stage was just so clever in every aspect!  All of the animals came in to the door at the end of our row, and Zazu's handler stood behind my seat and sang Circle of Life until his appearance toward the end of the song. Wow. Just wow!

We walked out of Minsk.off Theatre on Broadway and immediately saw Guy's America.n Kitchen and Bar (Guy Fieri from Diner's, Dive's, and Driv.e Ins) so we were able to grab a pretty good bite to eat by a chef we know from tv. Check that off the list for $16 each-the same cost as our breakfast so we figured that was a score! i am pretty sure I just floated home from there! We had already done more than I thought we would this trip.

We ended up skipping a free clean comedy show (Dark Lords of Comed.y) I had found playing free at the East River Park and just enjoyed being "home." Our goal this trip is to have our treatment, enjoy each other, see the city but in a relaxed manner.

The only symptom I had that night was pops on my right side. It was like pop rocks going on over there every so often, so I wasn't at all sure what that was all about!

Monday, Treatment Day 3:
This day I woke up less than refreshed, after doing some tossing and turning. It was less the IV bag and  more the queen size bed where I was pinned up against the wall by my dh :)

We started off the day calling the office to determine if dh should not eat anything (based on pain meds). He had valiu.m and vicadi.n on day 1 and was nervous that wasn't enough for the seminal vesicle injections. Dr Toth decided to have him take two vicadi.n and not do the vesicles until Wed. My appt was 11-1 for double washes, while dh got his injections (those were much shorter, but he does wait to do them about 30 min after taking meds). My audio tape was serving me well, both here and on the subway and I wish I had brought another. My small purse wasn't big enough for dh's book and one for me, so I was listening to my audio book a lot on the subway and burning through it. Dh did call out for the shots again, but it was less and he says when they are over they are over, unlike the initial swab which made him feel sore all day.

The number one lesson I learned this day was no coffee before treatments! I already have the smallest bladder known to man, and coffee only means I have to pee that much more frequently. So I peed before we left, peed when we got there, got wash number one and died the last ten minutes rather than going straight through with the second wash. Trying not to pee only seems like you are fighting the speculum, I could be wrong, but that was not a good feeling. i thought for sure I was going to pee in the basin below me, and though there would have been worse things, I tried to hold it--but not hold it---the last ten minutes. So I peed it, we began again, only to repeat the same scenario the last ten minutes of the second wash (dang bladder!). Not to mention my tail bone was not feeling so hot after laying there so long. But honestly, I was worried about doubling up washes, but I was fine. No cramps then or later.  I also had an ultrasound that day, which did show the white beading, which is a sign of calcification and infection. Dr. Toth determined I needed the light D&C (barely scraping the cervix to expose the infection being encapsulated to the washes), a typical part of full treatment.

 We ate lunch at the apt and took our first bus ride to the New York library and Bryant park in midtown. While we did enjoy seeing the city while traveling, we much preferred what felt like a faster pace on the subway. We also learned a NY lesson. Buses take metro cards just like the subway. But they don't have stations to fill the card inside or where you wait for the bus. Just in the subway station. And they sure don't take cash. The nice bus driver let us ride anyway. Silly non-new yorkers! :) Well, we realized we would be in the same boat at our transfer, so we repeated the same situation with the same result. We now know, without a doubt, this is the case on all buses. :) And that bus drivers are very nice people!

We walked through the NY Library for...wait for it...another bathroom for me and then arrived in time for our 5pm free summer movie series in the park. I was super excited for a showing of E.T. I thought the idea of a movie in the park was straight out of a movie, and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. It was funny because 5pm was really just the time it opened. The actual showing wasn't until 8:15pm-oops! But once we had a seat (folded chairs beside the lawn that was open for blankets), one of us could come and go and bring in food, etc. By time it started, there were thousands of people with picnics and wine and it was really an incredible experience. Another theme was emerging from our time in NY-kindness of strangers. People were having to scoot through tight spaces and extremely apologetic, others accommodating without problem. The single girl next to us made friends with the guy and his dad to the right, and they shared food and wine. It was just unexpected. And very nice. The only symptom I really had was a little itchy on my arm under all the tape. I learned it got worse when I actually itched it. Also, I always get the funny taste in my mouth from the antibiotics. Water or gum seem to help. I should also add it was trash day on the street we walking down and we about jumped out of our skin at a rat, then a minute later two more that ran quickly from one trash can to the next. They were well fed and fast little suckers :)

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I had the same experience with the bladder...not fun! Maybe a side effect of the abx???

And treat yourself to something good after that D&C. UGH. And offering that suffering!