TEBB false alarm? Stay Tuned for the Meth and Family Preg Update

I was going to title this post "This and That", but then I figured it's been used and is totally nondescript so I ended up the other direction completely. What can I say?

Sorry for the long pause in posting. Life has been anything but dull. I thought if I waited a little to post it would be less like dragging out a situation and drama-ish (wow, I am clearly not articulate at 1:30am, but then again who is?!) However, drama has only increased. Since I am not writing because I am thinking "yeah, drama, good blog material" perspective and more from a "good grief we need prayers" and it's been so long I may start forgetting the cycle stuff...Also I didnt write before because I am not good at expressing how I feel. As a result, I dump the information, most people would think I am in a place I am not, and I don't want to give that impression and have you all feel sorry for me. We are okay. My sister, however, is not. More about that in a minute. Enough with the disclaimers. Time for info.

Last cycle is something I wanted to update on, mostly for myself and the sake of remembering. I took the usual CD 1-10 abx, only this time at night. On about CD 8 (lazy, not looking up), I thought I saw TEBB. I was sure, at the moment, that it was brown blood. I had total deja vu about last Dec when we conceived Nicholas when something similar happened. However, I totally forgot I was on Rifamp.in in that moment, which turns my urine orange about once a day. This was complicated by the fact I had recently switched to taking it at night. In hindsight, I am not at all confident that it was TEBB. When it occurred, I called Dr. Toth. He said he was sure it was the Rifamp.in. I called Dr. Hilgers in a panic. In my mind, ideally, I would sit out the cycle ttc and take Cipro the second half of my cycle. I would only ttc based on my period the next cycle and things being clear. Exactly what I had wished I had chosen with Nicholas. However, Dr. Hilgers was out of town. In Mexico. Stefani was as nice as could be, understood my stress over the situation, etc. But there was no one to talk to and it sounded super clear there would be no Cipro. It was Dr. Hilgers call. She offered to consult with Dr. Steve Hilgers, Dr. H's son, which came back to say don't worry. One time. One small observation. I thought, easy for you all to say. However, dh and I did talk and decide that, since I wasn't getting scripted Cipro, that nothing would be different next cycle. I could look at my blood to feel better and see if clear, but if it was brown now it would be brown then too likely and if it wasn't then it would be clear, as we were not getting any "intervention". It's hard to explain even to myself, but we decided to still try and just trust it wasn't TEBB. Well, the next day I got a call that the Cipro script had been called in. What?! We chose to not utilize any other days to ttc and let the antibiotic work on things. If we would have had TEBB and we would have still tried on the Cipro we would have exactly mirrored the Nicholas situation, one year later almost to the day. The Cipro was something we really "needed" anyway per Dr. Hilgers based way back on Aug cultures done on my lap. Toth disagreed and I never got clarity from Hilgers. Timing never worked out to take them due to being on pre peak abx since Toth treatment-it had to be worth taking off a cycle and we didn't get any clear answer from Hilgers on that. I am glad we have the Cipro done and have moved on. This cycle the blood looked fine. That meant a lot of abx though-pre peak, during ovulation (both Toth) post ovulation Cipro and don't forget the amox for CM. Dh is doing much better with his symptoms since I was sure they were yeast and got aggressive with the Dif.lucan. Dr. Toth and Hilgers are committed to us having the script whenever we want. We don't know the drawbacks of taking too much, but we def chose to utilize the scripts as needed and feel great. We know the abx anti yeast meds cycle will be relatively short term but there is the back of the head concern. Basically, we chose a path and we now have to follow it. I am not into diluting something or going rouge, if that makes sense. So we will play this out.

Needless to say, I was pretty relieved at not being pregnant that Dec cycle. This cycle the blood looks great, the CM looks great, and we are taking advantage of a lot of days. After all, its now cycle 4 post treatment and only the 2nd one we have really tried. It's now or never, time to learn if the treatment will bear fruit and move on from this antibiotic/antiyeast cycle we are stuck in.

I have so much more to say, not at all cycle related (meth and pregnancy in the family related) but I can't this second. Charlie and AJ have been taking turns (or together) sick since Halloween, taking turns waking at night. AJ is now potty trained at night, wonderful!, something Charlie isn't, but there was always him waking at least once to go sans 4-5 days in there. Add in Charlie's bad dreams, pottying out of pull-up until we found a solution, etc and it was a lot of disrupted sleep for us. It hit an all time low the last ten days when one of the two would wake AND STAY UP at least two hrs requiring multiple re-entry into their room. Now I am just dragging myself through the day. I can not live like this-it's def worse than newborn nursing IMO. Add family drama and I am spent. Here, tonight, both are sleeping, and an unusual event-I couldn't turn my brain off after my stomach waking me upset. So, at least I am into this update I have been meaning to do and I will come back this weekend and post about the family drama. For now, prayers prayers prayers for my sister JC and KT.  Ah, and one question? If you use a Reader, which one do you use for blogs? I have got to figure out a new one and get it on my phone!


Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

Prayers for you! TTC is such a head ache! And sorry to hear the kiddos haven't been easy for ya lately. Hoping everything sorts itself out soon.

I don't have any advice on using a Reader. I don't typically read blogs on my phone.

E said...

Oh the infx stuff...so stressful!! If I were you, I wouldn't worry about 1 observation of minute brown bleeding. I see tons of charts with some brown bleeding on perfectly normal people.

we conceived E 9 or so cycle after full Toth tx. It took quite awhile for my immune system to calm down after all that tx. so, try not to stress, but I know its hard!

Sorry about the family drama, that's really hard, too.

Rebecca said...

Wow, just so much. I will definitely pray for JC and KT.

I use "Feedly" for my reader - it has an online and mobile version that sync together, so if you read something or save something in one place, it is the same in the other. And you can use your google account to log in, which means one less password to remember. You will have to manually import your blogs, but it is really easy to do. Good luck!

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