Dreams and Nausea

Just a quick note that I am experiencing crazy vivid dreams the last four nights! First one re dh, then one of my son's was in danger and I was helpless, then one about my best friend, and last night...my dog! So strange. I woke up extremely nauseated, and I was 100% sure I was going to vomit, but didn't. It was so odd. I ate a few crackers after it passed and went to bed. In the past, with pregnancies, I never really threw up, but I also could never have an empty stomach or I felt sick. I recall the crazy dreams. I don't recall either this early, though the nausea may have been a fluke. I googled to make sure that it was due to hormones we were supplementing and not others. Others would have been a good sign, but the sites I saw attributed the dreams to progesterone and/or hcg. So no news. Just waiting for my sono tomorrow as patiently as possible.

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stacym88 said...

Weird dreams (for both Mark and I) was the first sign of positive pregnancy for all of my pregnancies...even before the tests were positive.