Not Eventful First OB Appt, Lab, Injections

I survived the "new OB" appt. I survived a new nurse that doesn't know me. I survived the how many live births and how many pregnancies question. I survived (and even smiled) being handed the bag (full of hospital registration info and samples), even though it stays untouched and out of site.

I did see the doctor, but didn't get scanned. His scans are less accurate for early, and the ultrasound tech wasn't in that day. We made an appt for Monday (5w5d) for my first and for the following Tues (6w6d) to look for a heartbeat.

I got my first progesterone draw, and it went great. The lab I always used no longer mails to PPVI, so I wasn't sure what to do. PPVI actually mentioned to me who they receive blood from in the area, which was very helpful. The lab told me they do it all the time, and seemed competent. I guess the test will be if it gets there! I am curious to see if there was healing in that area.

HCG shots are going well. Dh is giving them in my thigh without too much trouble. HCG insurance is another story. Kubats got a request for precert so I paid out of pocket this month ($250-by far the cheapest!). Then I called my insurance. Usually if you go to their mail order pharmacy, they have the ability to access your medical benefits (not just pharmacy). Often medical will cover injectible specialty meds when pharmacy denies them. I found out after lots of calls that medical actually denied it as well. The pharmacy they wanted me to go to for coverage (if there had been any), was Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. So then it gets confusing stating it isn't for fertility, I don't have any fertility benefits, etc. Can you believe their cost is over $900 for a month? Yikes! So the plan now is to request Dr. Hilger's office to submit a letter of medical necessity. They told me they were willing to do anything as they see me being on this long term. I did, however, see something online about HCG during pregnancy being harmful, so while I trust Dr. H, I did ask them in an email to help me understand the risk.

That is it for now. The boys are doing a decent job distracting me, and I suppose it's time to get the Christmas tree down. :) Illness kept us from doing anything after Christmas officially ended. And I have a few fun things planned to look forward to. Dh and I are going on a movie date tonight (american sniper) and I have been arranging a few girl's nights. If you don't mind, I would appreciate continued prayers as this is the period (20-24 dpo) that levels really dropped and signified an issue for us. If you want, you can join me in my novena to St. Gerard. And please include some friends in your prayers. One woman just had her fourth baby, a boy after three girls. However, her husband has colon cancer and a big surgery coming up. Another friend is still mourning the loss of her baby at 37 weeks. I have several friends discerning or at some point in the adoption journey, and you may have heard of this blogger, http://luckyassunshine.blogspot.com/, who experienced a terrible late loss just recently.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I'm catching up on all things blogging ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is so exciting!!!
The vivid dreams really make you think once you wake up, huh? I'm always in a daze for the next hour wondering if it really was just a dream.