Presentation of Our Lord

Last night continued the crazy dream saga. I dreamed I went in for my ultrasound (that is actually tomorrow) and the doctor no showed. I was panicked, hysterical really. No one could do the ultrasound there. I ended up wandering the streets alone, which happened to be my college town-so odd, and everyone thought I was drunk or on drugs because I was so beside myself that I couldn't get an ultrasound anywhere.

I normally drop my oldest off through a drop off loop, but today he had a meltdown after a very crabby morning (he took a nap, unusual, so we let him watch half the Super Bowl. Guess it wasn't such a great idea on a school night) during drop off so I walked him in. I was greater by his teacher, asking if I was pregnant, because she noticed my bump at mass on Friday. Sigh. People think I am nuts when I tell them I show so early. But this body has done this before. Six times before. And yes, I def have a little extra from Christmas, so it just adds to the pregnant look. I have been wearing some looser fitting close and they still hug my belly a bit, and it just makes it hard to disguise. Which is really exactly what you want to do when you are 6 weeks 4 days and it's not really anyone else's business yet. So lots of mixed emotions there. Because when someone sees they either ask how far or you want to tell them it's still way early and then they can't believe you are actually showing that early and so I go on to say my body has just done this many times before and knows what to do.

Today is also the Feast of the Presentation. I would have liked to have gone to mass, but I realized really late I already had a haircut scheduled first thing so there was no way to cancel. I am going to read the readings on my phone and reflect on these and try to continue to offer our baby back to God.

I drove to my hair cut and turned on Catholic radio, and it was nice to hear Fr. Larry talk about our bodies being a living sacrifice. This is from Romans and was a reading at our wedding. He went on to talk about conforming our will to God's, so that is at the front of my mind today as I try to put one foot in front of the other to get through the next 36 hrs.  Today's distractions include work, teaching a behavior lesson at my oldest son's school, and planning the birthday snack for my youngest son's Valentine's day party.

Oh and having friends over yesterday was the motivation I needed to get my tree down! Which remind me, will you pray for my friend? She has a son and daughter my kid's ages. They had two losses around two of our losses. And they were going to be done. I don't know the story, but she is pregnant again. She did the blood test that is so popular now to find out the gender early, only to be devastated her baby has an increased chance of down syndrome. Now she wished she had never found out. The risk is still small. They won't do anything different except now they have had another blood test. And based on that they may do the amnio, but she is upset because she never did the amnio with the others. And she just wished she could go back in time. Her chance is still less than 1%. It makes me wonder how many more abortions folks will have based on this new (worrisome and not that accurate) blood test. Anyway, she would have the baby either way, but this has added likely unnecessary stress. So please keep her in your prayers.

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