Letter 4 from 4.25.08

April 25th, 2008

Precious One,

As I see my stomach grow it becomes a necessary reminder, as being this far along in the pregnancy is very surreal to me. Multiple times I get overwhelmed at how lucky we are to be this far, I see others around me struggling. I easily remember that we were there too, and then quickly remind myself that we aren’t over the hurdles yet. Only when I hold you safe in my arms will I know for sure. That being said I do have great hope. I know God wants me to be hopeful and that is why we were given the signs-Mary on the side of the road on my way to test, and the Archangel Raphael’s message of healing. All of the prayers and kind thoughts from loved ones help too. Your dad and I pray for your health too!

Your daddy and I have picked out your bedroom furniture-I hope you like it! We did our usual combination of style, yet a good deal-your dad and I make quite a pair! I knew when we both got such a kick out of the monkey that we had found the right bedding. We look at the tiny rocking chair and imagine you here with us. It is fun to prepare a place for you. We even had a baby swing added to the swing set. You are going to have so much fun playing with your cousins out there!

I read that you have a scalp pattern now and wonder if you are growing hair. I assume it will be white like your daddy’s, mine was light when I was young too. But you never know, you might surprise us! Will you have lots of hair like your cousin M? Or no hair like your cousin A? Will you be the same sex as J's (my pregnant sister's) baby, growing in her womb this moment? I don’t care either way, but it is fun to guess! I thought your daddy was wanting a boy to play sports, and that is part of it, but a teenage girl seems to make him more nervous than a boy :) He will be a great dad no matter what! We decided not to find out what you are and be surprised. That is, if we can hold out. Right now I don’t mind waiting-I feel we have bonded regardless. We even call you by name-CharBelle. You will learn that your daddy loves nicknames, so he came up with that one by combining your boy name, Charles, with your girl name, Anabelle!

I wonder if Max, our German Shephard, knows that I am pregnant? I think he does. He always has such a gentle demeanor, I know he will love you too!

I can’t wait to see you again, in a few weeks, on the monitor. I know you have grown so much since I was only 10 weeks, and I look forward to seeing your long legs and features.

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