Goodbye ob/gyn no. 3, Dr. A. Hello, ob/gyn no. 4, Dr.S.

Well, I appear to change ob/gyn's faster than handbags (maybe that isn't saying much, I think I mentioned I am shamefully ignorant in all things female, but you get the point).  DH is starting to get annoyed with me.  We both liked ob/gyn #3-he went to our church, he listened to what I had to say about Dr. Hilgers and Dr. Toth and he followed through on the IV, etc; I guess I would say even though he wasn't initiating, he participated.  And that should have been enough right?  I mean, there are not any Napro ob/gyns in the area and the family practitioners I have issue with (one with a really disorganized office, one that says he is napro but seems to water it down and mix in his own ideas, not up on the training...the 3rd is new and seems okay...she is my family practitioner but so far I keep the ob/gyn to the specialists) Maybe I will really regret this, but the ob/gyn also told a single friend of mine that I had talked into charting that it was a "waste of time."  That really got me going.  I mean, he knew our success story and the HUGE role that CrMS had played.  I felt like I had been slapped in the face, even lied to.  Why was he nodding and smiling my direction and then saying that to my friend?  So, when a potentially better ob/gyn came along, I jumped at the chance and immediately switched following my 6 week follow up.  I had seen a write up about him in the diocesan newspaper.  He was an ob/gyn, he was local, and he not only stopped preforming sterilizations, but he had recently quit prescribing the pill due to basically "being hit by the God bat"!  I was impressed!  I had no reason to visit this doctor other than to "interview him."  I was able to get in quickly due to a cancellation and I was spared the dreaded paperwork that states "how many pregnancies?  how many live births?" (who the heck was the insensitive person that designed that form?!)  Still my nervousnes was apparent when they took my blood pressure, as usual.  He seemed very nice and accepting of my hx.  I tried not to scare him away with my appreciativeness and all I had to say (I can come on a little strong, imagine that!)  Anyway, I hope I didn't jump the gun here-he is not training in CrMS yet and even passed up a recent symposium opportunity I spoke at that he was explicitly invited to.  Hmmm...I mean, if you are telling folks to get off the pill, that there are better things out there...don't you think you should know what those are?  But, we have a huge Catholic community that are now going to him and are all, nicely, asking him to get trained so he can support their charting.  So we will see.  I guess, regardless, I won't be any worse off than with the one that thinks its a sham.  And you've got to admit, him not prescribing the pill anymore, that is a huge step for an ob/gyn.  I wrote a very nice letter telling my ob why I was leaving him and a very nice letter telling my new ob why I am switched to him.  I am a firm believer of constructive feedback :)  Anyway, we will see if ob/gyn #4 follows through with his support of my unconventional ways (they always seem to act like it is no big deal in the beginning...).  If not, I might have to go crawling back to ob/gyn #3!

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