Happy Birthday letter!

A year has passed since I have written you a letter.  That is because each day I get to delight in you.  I get to look at you in awe, I get to take your picture, I get to touch your face and feel you touch mine.  These are things I wasn't sure would ever happen, and they bring more happiness to me than I could ever imagine.  The thrill of you has not faded one bit.  Daddy and I still "fight" over who gets to hold you in church, and who gets to put you to bed.  We still race to be the one to see you first in the mornings.  We still pose with you like you are a trophy, and I have taken thousands of photos of your every move.  We still can't believe you are here.  It is still surreal.  I want you to know how much we love you today and will always love you.  We still remind ourselves that you are a gift, and each day is a blessing.  We don't know how long we will get to have with you, nothing is a given, but we are determined not to take one minute for granted.
Happy Birthday, son.  I am priviledged to be your mom.

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