Letter 9 from 9.25.08

Dearest little one,

Never have I in my life been so excited to meet someone. The anxiety that any day could be “the day” has been going on for weeks to the point I think I might burst! Your daddy and I are so excited to know your gender, how you look, and to get to know your little personality; we can hardly stand to wait anymore. But we must, we have no choice, so we try to spend our time wisely and continue to prepare. It feels like we’ve actually done everything on our list though! Never has the house been so clean! :) The bags are packed. Our schedule is cleared-we hesitate to travel too far. I even call Daddy to make sure he will answer his phone, in case I have to make “the call.” I was even able to wrap up work this week, which has been a blessing.

In hindsight, it is probably better you didn’t come last week. I got such a terrible cold and wasn’t well rested. But I am better now, so you can come anytime little one! I think this is the beginning of so many things not being in our control. :) Like I said, we are trying to make the most of our time, and be patient. We know you must know the right time, we know you are busy getting bigger and rounder and that is your main job right now. We just know you are the best thing to ever happen to us-a present that we are just dying to open! I know the excitement of meeting you will help me get through the labor experience. I am glad we are not going to induce-I know that God knows the best time, and that nature will take it’s course. But still, we wonder, will walking stir you a little? Then we will walk! Spicy food, is that a myth? What have others tried? I go from thinking crazy thoughts to get you out back to reality-none of it will likely work and your timing is best. But still my mind goes all these directions. I took for granted that you would be here early, and though you still could be, I am over 39 weeks now.

I see your pumpkin outfit hanging in your closet and wonder-will you wear newborn size or 0-3 months at that time? Good thing we have both! I hope the pumpkin topper fits your little head! :) I continue to get invited to events both this weekend and a month down the road. I hesitate to travel too far anytime soon, and wonder at what point you and I (and Daddy) will be traveling out to meet all the folks who love you and are also anxiously awaiting your arrival. One friend said she was so excited she was going to pee her pants! :) And my coworker said she thinks she is excited about you as much as I am because she knows how much you mean to us already! Another friend said how excited she was-you have so many “aunts” waiting in the wings to love you, in addition to all your real aunts and family members. Your oldest cousin is just sick that she doesn’t live in town-she wants to be a very active part of your life.

And so we wait, excited and hopeful, continuing our prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. We can’t wait to meet you, little one! Love, Mom and Dad

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