The Luxury of Peeing on a Stick

Nothing exciting to post, just the fact that I have been terribly lazy doing my charting (seriously, after a year of green stamps while nursing, who wouldn't be?) despite my love for the CrMS and am having some trouble getting back into the groove.  It's like I run to the bathroom, pee, and then go oops, oh yeah.  As a result, I am a little fuzzy about my peak day and there is possible confusion regarding SF.  Anyway, that leads me to yesterday, where I found a zit near my bottom lip.  For me that is highly unusual and only means one thing, an influx of hormones.  At least that was sis JB's theory and it seems to make sense (got them when early stages preg etc).  So, that combined with my nausea when I don't have enough in my stomach lately is leading me to think that the symptoms of your hormones coming back are probably similar to them coming on when you are pregnant (even if it is with the help of poi).  Even so, I will probably indulge my desire to buy a home pregnancy test since I view them a luxury (grass is always greener...I have blood draws instead b/c always on hcg shots-give false pos).  The idea of me being pregnant without meds is slim to none and frankly laughable, but crazier things have happened (albeit they were miracles).  Unfortunately the odds are probably just as against me that I could carry a pregnancy without progesterone support, antibiotics, baby aspirin, etc  You get the idea.  Sometimes I have a twinge of envy when people who say they aren't really trying and aren't really avoiding.  Never really had that luxury.  But that's okay b/c today I get to pee on a stick.


Sew said...

Thank you so much for commenting! I just read your recap and skimmed your blog! WOW! You sure done a great job trying to figure out what is wrong with you! :) It's a laundry list that is for sure!! hahahaha I have one of my own!

I'm so sorry about your two miscarriages....I recently had one about 5 months ago. :)

Glad that you commented so I can follow you on your next ride trying to get pregnant! ;)

Life In Mazes said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment! I will add you to my blog roll! Just curious if that test gave you some good results :)

WheelbarrowRider said...

Thanks so much for reading, commenting, following! So exciting for me as I begin to spread the word about my blog. As far as the pee stick, a BFN. No big fat surprise there, haha! :) Sew, I am sorry to hear that! There is nothing I can say, except I know the feeling and it sucks. But I do think that having a group like this that can support and guide and learn from each others' experience-on faith and IF-is so helpful! Thank you!