Reveal and Merry Christmas (in pictures and song)

During this advent season I had the priveledge of praying for Mrs. Blondies.  It was wonderful to get to pray for her, her dh, and their baby Blondie.  I prayed the St. Andrew novena faithful during all the night feedings.  I must say, I always prayed it at least fifteen times, but often more due to sheer exhaustion! :)  I had your prayer buddy/baby gift shipped a little early from Amazon.  I thought it would be a later expected arrival date, so I hope it didn't ruin the surprise too early!  

From my home to yours, wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Heading out to dh's Christmas party.  They aren't my clothes I am fitting in, but they are someone's :)
We all have our things we look forward to when we have kids- mine was monogrammed stockings.  I am so thrilled to have these this year.  I definitely don't take these things for granted! 

 Okay, I clearly need the creche because these are blending in way too much with the brick.  I love my nativity and keep it up year round.  This year my mother in law added the camel and some other animals.
 This red is one of my favorite colors, so I love that it is more prevalent at Christmas time.  These hurricane were my meager attempt at creativity this year.
 It bothers me how plain this is.  I really need to spruce it up next year-with greenery!  Charlie loves singing Happy Birthday to Jesus but most days it morphs into Happy Birthday to Charlie :)
No, we didn't torture him.  He was a willing participant...on the second attempt.  This is after we gave up and let him play in the waiting room.  He decided to take the toy from the waiting room into the photo studio to ask Santa for it. :)

Since Charlie can't share his sticky candy cane with you, I thought he could give you a different kind of treat.

Click here for Charlie singing Jingle Bells (but getting distracted because he wants to grab the camera and watch himself while it is still recording!)  Please ignore my voice (I had a strep like virus) and my attempt at singing (which, I won't lie, is never good) to encourage him to continue despite the distracting camera :)


Tridentine Wife said...

Thanks for sharing such great photos. Hope you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Love it all! You could add some greenery to the mantle and then put your Nativity figures in front of it-- then it would all "pop!"

mrsblondies said...

The gift was awesome; thank you so much! Love the photos.

Megan said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Love the video ADORABLE! :) Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

ps! I love Pottery Barn stockings!!!! I have my heart set on the red and white ones, but they always sell out so fast, so my parents are getting us an early Christmas gift next year so that we can hang them for the whole Advent and Christmas season! :)

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

This announcement means so much to me bc u and Mrs blondies were my first two bloggers that I met and started praying for!!!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Love it! thanks for sharing! :)

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Cute video!