So, I left off where Meriam told me to come on down to Omaha for prep. I really appreciated the anonymous blogger who assured me it likely wasn't for nothing. And it wasn't. The irony is that my period start Wed at 10:30pm. I don't know about y'all, but I almost always start first thing in the morning. But by starting when I did, surgery actually became CD3. How about that?! Not bad for scheduling a month out and all the stress, etc when the goal was 4-8. Not bad at all. God has a funny sense of humor :)

Omaha was good. We stayed at Hawthorne Suites about 2 min from ppvi. It was only $64 for a king suite and it included a kitchen and hot breakfast. It was a great recommendation off the discussion board. It was great to do my preop at Creighton with Nina. Nina. Who last year recognized me from six years prior. She is kind of amazing. It was good to see a familiar face. Then was the ultrasound with Rachel. She was pretty new last year when I went. Then I got to do my favorite part, say a big thank you to every nurse I see. Teresa is pregnant with child number 8! And Stefani is just as young and adorable as she sounds on the phone. Meeting Dr. Hilger's son Steve went well. And we were all set for the next day. We found a great little cafe and cupcake place not far aways, Jones Cupcakes. Yum!

We were at the hospital bright and early at 5:45am. I did get a little teary after the nurse put the IV in, thinking this is likely my last surgery and hopeful for the outcome. The last thing I remember is a nurse asking me if I wanted a rosary and slipping it into my hands, telling me it was blessed by the pope! I love Dr. H!

I woke up and things were mostly good. A surgery is never easy, but they handle my nausea with anesthesia well and know better than to even suggest a narcotic. I had less shoulder pain with the gas, though there was definitely some. They seemed a little short staffed and let me sleep until 3pm, which seems unheard of. I am used to getting kicked out when I can barely stand. I thought I could go home late that same day, but I didn't really factor in that a late check out isn't really at all that late so we extended another day and went home Saturday. I almost didn't have a choice, there was some rodeo in town, but someone expected cancelled.

My mom is so cute, she knew that my follow up with Dr. H wasn't until Oct. 10 and that I needed all the info before then if we were to try same cycle as Dr. Toth wanted. She totally recorded verbatim what Dr. Hilgers said. He agreed we could try this cycle and confirmed my tubes were OPEN! He didn't have to do a thing. Great news, of course!

He reviewed my meds when he got back to the office, and advised me for this cycle. He wants me off the turmeric, fyi, and he did say I needed to do the dreaded inflammation diet. Everything inside the uterus where I had the washes looked great. Unfortunately everything outside the uterus was very inflamed.

Today is Sunday, I am off the pain meds and doing more around the house. I get tired easily, but that is okay. I definitely feel I can go back to work tomorrow. I am not 100% today, but good enough. The not lifting for two weeks is definitely going to be the challenge. Thank you all for your prayers! ***Update-while the gas in my shoulders isn't as much of an issue as it was before, it seems to come when I am sitting or laying down making rest quite difficult at night or during the day. This seems more drug out then I remember and adds to an overall crummy feeling. Pain meds don't help for this, I think the only thing that really helps is being up and around. Also, the anesthesiologist took a little knick out of the roof of my mouth, so eating is painful unless its soft foods. I might work a half day today (Monday) from home. Feeling pretty puny.


E said...

How wonderful! Prayers for a successful outcome after this!

Please let us know what the inflammation diet is. ;)

Rebecca said...

Yay for open tubes!!! Prayers for your continued healing and a successful cycle!!!

prayerfuljourney said...

Yeah for answered prayers! That's good that they knew how to help you after surgery and they let you sleep. I got a lot of sleep time after my surgery over a year ago. I needed it.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Hooray for open tubes!! Be kind to yourself, no surgery is easy so take whatever time you need and don't feel one bit puny about it! You are a rock star!

Anonymous said...

Great news about your tubes being open! Did Dr. H say why he wanted you off turmeric? I thought that was a natural anti inflammatory. I was the anoymous person who posted on your last post. We have emailed a few times from the catholic yahoo group. I check you blog every now and then. :) I don't blog which is why I have to post anoymous. So happy for you that you received great news and have been given the green light. Amber

polkadot said...

I saw the title of your post and just started grinning from ear to ear. Yay for open tubes! Praying you have more good news soon!

the misfit said...

Hold the phone - turmeric is fertility medication? Are you sure Dr. Hilgers isn't just confusing it with his lunchtime korma? Mmmm...korma.