Insurance and Sibling Madness

No time to update fully on the family situation, but can only say it is getting way worse. I have been disowned by my sister, she has disowned two other sisters and my mother, but I am her main victim. She is telling me its my fault if her kids are taken away, and if that is the case she will commit suicide and that too will be my fault. I, however, am in the Holy Spirit bubble, thank goodness as my blood pressure didn't even raise during that conversation, I just calmly let her vent and felt bad for her believing her crazy worldview is truth, and I haven't lost a night of sleep since. If that isn't the Holy Spirit, I don't know what is.

Moving on, I wanted to let all those that found their way here from the Dr. Toth discussion board know that all our claims were denied and so was our appeal. Today I found some potential light, however, because they are saying Jessica from the office (who provided the codes) used home health codes incorrectly. At first I thought a change of code would do nothing, as we were doubly denied for not precertifying anything (we were told not needed by husband's work). However I know from digging, it was the home health diagnosis that triggered the precertification requirement and if that is incorrect than maybe there's a chance. And I am sure all veteran readers of my blog know this, but dang those insurance companies because you sure can't get distracted for a second and not follow up, and you must ask question phrased perfectly every time. Exhausting and maddening!


prayerfuljourney said...

Sorry to hear about your sister drama...thank God you are not letting it get to you. Yes, the Holy Spirit is of great help in giving you the grace to handle this situation.

Insurance stuff is very maddening. ugh. I am sorry to say that I highly doubt it is going to get any better. We'll all be just working to pay bills and insurance costs...no more money for fun.

Abigail said...

God bless you! Hurrah for standing strong!

Rebecca said...

Ugh - insurance companies. And, honestly, it's only getting worse, not better :(.

Yay for the Holy Spirit protecting you - continued prayers for your whole family.

Georgie said...

Will be praying for your family situation.
We went through the same problem with insurance. We had Blue Cross of NE. They paid for my husband's treatment for some reason but not for mine because I was labeled "infertilty" but the man was not considered infertile. I kept fighting and got some money, not all. I would keep
on fighting the claim. Good luck. -Amy from Colorado :-)

Angela said...

I'm so sorry about your sister situation! So glad the Holy Spirit is giving you peace! And sorry about the insurance trouble too. We just found out that one of the tests that was ordered for this last baby we lost is not covered by insurance. It was a stinking blood test and it's like $3000. Just.for.the.test. argh. Not to mention my hospital stay. It's like just when we are about to break even...something always happens. Ah well, part of the journey I guess. Really hope it works out for you with the insurance!!