Last night I prepared for bible study today and it was just beautiful. We are doing Romans (love!) and this time it was all about suffering.

I also woke up to an email from Dr. Toth in the night about the Clindamycin. He told me the drug may not kill the infection, but it likely won't multiply and will allow for better implantation. As I progress, he may give me something else. So we started it today. My feelings are...if God wants this, He will make it happen despite our mistakes; if God doesn't want this, nothing we do matters. I could totally be wrong, I have never felt this way before, but it is good to give up control. I also continue to try and offer the baby to God daily, and try to desire His will to be mine.

My husband is working extra hours this time of year, so I had to do school drop of for Charlie today. Which meant I had some down time between that and bible study. So I slipped into the adoration chapel with AJ and discovered they were doing the Divine Mercy Chaplet and rosary, which was awesome. Following that, we had a fantastic discussion of suffering at bible study.

I went on to do the blood draw at the hospital. I was feeling good because I had POAS that morning and found a dark positive. I was very pleased with the 114 result and took it up to my ob, same as before. We made a new ob appt. These are basically worthless, but required to get any care. Thankfully, they don't make me wait 8 weeks or anything and we just do them whenever. Mine is next Thursday, which is fine. I know they will give me the hospital registration and sample packet. I refused this last time. It was the worst having it around after a loss. I told them to keep it for later! But he will probably scan me that day, because he is awesome like that, so we will be able to see a sac if my levels keep up.

Tonight I asked Charlie to pray for me. He said "God please give mommy another baby." I smiled. He is so sweet, and desperately wants another sibling. He has been asking daily for sometime, and I told him to ask God not me, but this was a first that I have heard. :)

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stacym88 said...

114! That's awesome! It was 29 just 2 days ago, right? This is excellent growth! YIPPEE!