Good Numbers Continue

I got another draw last night. It would have been earlier, but dh is working crazy hrs and AJ has the flu. Possibly from me taking him with me to these draws. :( The level last night was 396, so I continue to be pleased. And while I know you can't really compare too much across pregnancies (one was a different lab too), AJ had lower numbers at this point. Charlie and Michael (my first and healthiest/latest loss) were higher. All my other losses were lower. So this baby is in good company.

In other news, Charlie has the flu now. Boo! The good news is once we get the high fevers under control, they aren't even close to miserable. I continue to be on Tamiflu and so does dh. AJ is fever free without meds, so that is good news. And my mom was kind enough to hit a few stores for me and drop it on my porch.


Amy @ This Cross I Embrace said...

Very good news, I continue to pray for this little one!! And for Mama :)

Sew said...


Wait---Do you have s hcg spreadsheet? Lol

Leila@LittleCatholicBubble said...