Happy Day

The level yesterday was 1169 (18 dpi) -very happy it continues to triple in 48 hrs. Had a little cramping yesterday. I know growing pains are normal, so I am not going to worry unless worrying is called for!  Needles and HCG came from Kubats. Continue to fight insurance on this, but now I have a little breathing room by paying the first month. So prog and HCG shot tonight is the plan.

I also looked up baby's due date and found several saints' feast days. Gerard was on there, but not the right one :) The same was true for Anthony, but we named him that anyway (and of course, he didn't actually come on his due date). His name meaning flourishing was all it took to seal the deal-what mama could ask for more than the child in her womb to flourish?!


stacym88 said...

This is excellent news! For us, when there were good HCG numbers, our babies survived. Hanah never doubled and David was just shy.

Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

Great news! Keep growing, baby!!

Patiently Waiting...... said...

Wonderful news!!!!