My Conversion Story-yes, I am breaking my fast for this!

Okay, so its my birthday and I am cheating with my blog fast.  I am allowed right? Lol.  I just popped on and I love love love reading others' stories.  Mine is already on my blog, some of you have read it and commented, some may have read and just not commented, but since it is 100% who I am I thought it was appropriate I link to it here.  My story shows how my conversion is completely tied to my leaving behind birth control, turning a corner with my furture dh, finding NFP (for health reasons before we were even married!), which of course lead me to authentically treat my issues, and have my babies!  As you can see, it is tied to all things dear to me.  I know it is long, but since I am blog fasting, you have plenty of time to catch up, right?! ;)





 Also it explains the name of my blog, which in hindsight appears like I am totally tooting my own horn at completely perfect at living God's will (obviously not the case-either of them, as you can tell from reading!), but of course, it is the goal to be "in the wheelbarrow" and so I pick myself up and get back in as much as possible in my own sinfullness.  And please, if you are bored and wanting more blog updates while I remain on break, please go back and read more earlier stuff! 



I smiled when Father told a version of your wheelbarrow story in his homily at Mass this morning. Now I understand why God wanted me to think of you...

Happy birthday, J!! : )

Leila said...

This is so great! I can't wait to read all the posts!!

mrsblondies said...

Thanks for sharing the links to your story again. It's great to see that I'm not the only one who made those mistakes when I was younger.